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Sports betting at Bet365

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There are countless ways to bet with Bet365 on a sporting event : In football, for example, there are quotas for the number of goals, from which minute a goal is scored and who it shoots. In addition, there on the winner of the match or if there is a

The best horse betting providers compared

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The number of horse betting company in the network is very broad and therefore it can prove very difficult at first glance, the right bookmaker for horse betting emerge. Just a beginner in betting events, the selection can be very confusing. For this reason we have made it our task

Horse betting tips for beginners and novices

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Especially at the beginning, you should always go ahead slowly with the young horses. For example, it would be better to get a little more insight in regards to the nature of horse betting, as and not to take hasty decisions.Therefore, preliminary studies in this case are very good solution.

September 2014

Software betting solutions

Woms 13 is a software company specialized in creating software for verification and collection of betting data.

With our programs, you can check each of your betting systems and gather all the needed data to see if your idea is profitable in the long run.

All you have to do is just tell us what you need and we will create the program that will deliver it. Our programs work as fast and convenient as possible and most importantly they work accurately.

Working with our specialists is really easy because most of them have been fans of sports betting for many years.

Send us a letter at and describe what you need. We will contact you for the additional details.

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